Music Studio Amsterdam



Flowriders Studio is located 10 min drive from the east of Amsterdam.
The control room is based around an SSL 4000 E and has a lot of ( vintage ) outboard
as well as (vintage ) synths, amps and drum computers.The control room has a small booth
connected to it ( 12 m2 ) where you can do overdubs, vocals, drums etc.
The live room is 150 m2 with a drum booth connected to it (65 m2. ).
The reverb of the drum booth can be adjusted with panels.
The Live room features a Steinway D grand piano as well as an Hammond B3.
We still have a good Studer A800 24 track tape recorder for recording to tape.
Besides that there is a very big mic selection with a lot of amazing vintage mics.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.